The “YES Measurement” Top 10

It is easy to come up with excuses not to do something that can be confusing and take lots of work.  Like PR measurement, for example.  There is no easy, clear cut way to do it.  So why bother.  In fact, here are the top 10 reasons that Ketchum Global Research and Analytics have given as to why PR pros choose to shy away from this big task.

top 10 no measurement

Although some of these reasons may be slightly legitimate, let’s focus today on why we should take the time and effort to measure PR.  Here is my:

“Yes Measurement” Top 10

  1. Clients and execs want proof that PR works.

  2. Gives insights on how to improve/adjust PR campaigns.

  3. Allows PR pros to give smart PR recommendations.

  4. Shows the big picture of what works and what doesn’t.

  5. Helps PR department give valuable insights into business decisions.

  6. To see where you stand against the competition.

  7. Takes the guesswork out of PR.

  8. Gives legitimacy for more PR budget dollars.

  9. There are more PR measurement tools available now more than ever.

  10. With online measurement we get immediate feedback.

I think if you take a hard look at my top 10, you will realize that PR measurement is like putting on a pair of prescription glasses for the first time.  It brings clarity, understanding and precise knowledge that before was very fuzzy, vague and confusing.  Once you have experienced what it is like to really see, do you still walk around without your glasses on?  Of course not.  We love being able to see with clarity.  The same holds true with PR measurement.  Once you find the right analytics for you, you won’t want to go back.  It is taking that plunge to really get serious about PR measurement that is hard.  If you need help taking that plunge, I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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