Press Release Advice from a Trade Magazine Writer

Wouldn’t you just love to know what trade magazine journalists would like to see in your pitches?  I always think it is helpful to pick the brain of those who are on the receiving end of my media outreach.  What are they thinking as they press the delete key on my e-mail?  Or what makes them decide that my e-mail is worthy of opening and reading?  Fortunately I found a report written by David Meerman Scott (marketing strategist, public speaker and writer) that gives 9 Tips to Effectively Pitch Trade Publications.

please dont delete

One of my favorite tips in this post has to do with helping the journalist see how your product or company fits into the big picture.  For example, how does your product fit into a bigger trend that is has been emerging?  As a pitch writer, do some research to see how your product can fit with what is already relevant and newsworthy.  If my product is a health food grocery store, I would highlight trends associated with healthy eating.  So I would do some research on the popularity of organic food, gardening  or even healthy food blogs.

Another great story pitch tip that I think stands out is his suggestion to use customer case studies.  Get to know your customers and find out how and why they use your product.  Featuring your most successful and interesting cases will help ensure that your pitch gets read and possibly used.  People prefer to hear real life stories from real people as opposed to a company bragging about a product of theirs.

The final tip that Mr. Scott gives is a great reminder that journalists actually like and need our help.  If we can help them come up with a great article idea, it makes their life easier.  So take the time to figure out the best practices for media outreach and most likely you are not causing journalists a headache, but rather giving them a creative boost.


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