An End to the PR Measurement Standards Debate?

It is official, PR Week announced that it is encouraging PR professionals to abandon the search for a single definitive method of PR measurement and adopt a set of measurement guidelines that are defined in a newly released industry guide. PR Week’s The PR Professionals Definitive Guide to Measurement  provides common principles that seem to build from the Barcelona Principles.  The guide’s simple format breaks down each topic by chapter.  With a mouse click you can explore topics such as:  A Step-By-Step Approach to PR Measurement, Measurement Options and Why PR Measurement is Important. So, will this be the new PR measurement bible?

Over the past 20 years PR pros have debated about whether the PR industry should develop standards for PR measurement.  Progress was made in 2010 when representatives from nearly 150 companies around the world voted on seven specific principles that set a baseline for how to measure PR – what’s good, what’s better, what’s best, and what’s bad.  These principles have been termed the Barcelona Principles.  But the creation of these principles didn’t stop the debate.  Many PR pros were still looking for a “toolkit of consistent, reliable, and comparable metrics that would allow practitioners to work more efficiently” as stated by David Geddes in his blog post about setting standards. Many people believed there was one “right” way to evaluate PR, and everyone in the industry should use that method or metric. But, since no one could agree on a perfect formula, the industry has been given a set of rules to follow and must decide how to put them into action.

So now what?  Is this guide the answer PR pros have been looking for?  Will this new set of measurement guidelines provide the consistency and reliability that the industry has been searching for?  I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!  Take a good look at the PR industry’s new guide and let me know what you think.


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