How to Make Your PR Campaigns Stronger

If you have read my blog before, you’re probably familiar with my stance on measurement – particularly that measuring PR is the key to making PR campaigns stronger.  I came across a similar point of view from Jessica Sharp who recaps what she learned at the PR News Measurement Conference in a recent blog post.  She points out that measurement makes your PR campaigns stronger by providing three main things:   1. Focus  2. Credibility  and 3. Accountability.  Measurement  also allows you to analyze results (like outputs and outcomes), make improvements and then analyze again.  This process can go on and on until your campaign reaches its maximum effectiveness.  Without PR measurement, the changes that need to be made are not clear, meaning it is much harder to make program adjustments that increase results.

If you want to make your PR campaigns stronger, then read Sharp’s blog and follow her 7 Steps of Measurement.  She does a great job of laying out actionable steps to get you on your way to effective PR measurement.  One fundamental step that we talk about a lot at Wallop! is setting meaningful and measureable campaign  goals.  Sharp’s blog post uses the anagram:  SMART to help you to set objectives that aren’t vague or difficult to measure.






Being SMART about your PR measurement will help you improve your campaigns over time.  Many times goals are too ambiguous and because of that it is difficult to follow through with effective measurement.  It may take some time to adapt your goals to fit the SMART model, but it is necessary to help you understand what to measure and how to apply your results.

Another valuable point that Sharp makes about PR measurement is that “PR measurement is a circular process.”  Each time you analyze data you have the ability to make changes and improve, then you measure the changes again and the process continues in a circular motion.  Each time your campaign can get stronger and produce better results.

Do you have an example of how PR measurement has helped you to strengthen your PR campaigns over time?


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