How to Use Google Technology for Great PR

Have you ever found out, after using a piece of technology for a while that you haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do for you?  This seems to happen to me a lot.  We have powerful tools at our fingertips and sometimes it takes a “techie” to help us discover it’s full potential (or just someone who has read a good blog).   I read a very instructive article about how to use Google to be better at PR that can take you to the next level in using this tool.  I think you will like what you discover!

First off, Carrie Morgan brings up the possibility of searching for additional options for posting your news.  By being creative with your wording in your Google search, you can find a variety of options available for posting articles, blogs and press releases.  Depending on your subject matter, you may find specific interest sites to fit your product or business that allow you to submit press releases, articles or comments.  I believe this is worth investigating.

Did you know that Google has the ability to bring up the latest news stories on particular subjects?  If not… Carrie gives great instructions and even visuals on how to do this.  This is very helpful for identifying news trends, keeping track of competitors and spotting opportunities to make comments.  She also walks us through an easy way to find blogs in a particular industry or subject so that we can take advantage of guest blogging possibilities.

Many of you may already use Google Alerts to receive internet news about your business or client.  (If you aren’t, this article will help you with that.)  But another advantage of Google Alerts that is highlighted in this article is “to identify news articles where you can post a client comment”.  Are you noticing a trend here?  Today’s PR involves taking advantage of opportunities to get in on the conversations that are related to your business or client.  Are you using this approach?  Do you have other suggestions on how to connect with what people are saying about your business or client?  Please let me know if you have any of your own “techie” tool advice for PR.


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  1. Kristin, thanks for sharing this and I’m so glad you found my article helpful!

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