How to Revise Your Old School Marketing Tactics

It is easy to keep doing things the way we always have, because…”that is how we were taught” and “it has always worked in the past”.  But I’m sure you are beginning to notice that those old tactics aren’t cutting it anymore. Technology is changing the rules.  For example, there is some great information at your fingertips on this very subject and you didn’t even have to look very hard to find it.  Just click on the link to Katie Burke’s blog entitled “What Your Traditional Marketing Education Didn’t Teach You About Marketing Today”.

This blog does an excellent job of explaining the differences between old school and new school tactics and why they work… in the appropriate era of culture and technology.

One of the key points of this article is that businesses need to leverage their owned assets – blog, websites and Facebook pages.  That way when consumers are ready to look for your services they will find helpful, quality content.  The old School way is to deliver your message to the consumer when you think it is the best time for them.  Today’s marketing lets the consumer decide when they are ready to receive the message.  Something that was not possible “back in the day”.

Katie points out for example that Press Releases of today should be designed to tell a compelling story to the world.  Instead of just targeting journalists, consumers are actually reading press releases… when they are compelling and relevant to them.  In  my opinion journalists don’t play near the role they used to.  Because of the changes in media, we don’t have to subscribe to the newspaper to find out current events or interesting stories.  Consumers search out what they want to know about from whatever source they choose via mobile device or computer.

Timing is another big thing that has changed over the years.  In the past “measurement almost always came either after a campaign ran or just before it went out the door.”  Now we are able to learn from and act on data on a daily, not annual basis.  This makes PR measurement even more critical today.  Through polls and customized call-to-action, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what people are saying about your company, brand or product and make changes accordingly.

So revise those old marketing tactics, engage with your consumers and use PR measurement to make smart up-to-date business decisions!  Do you have any new school tactics that you would like to share?


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