4 Secrets to a Successful Digital PR Campaign

One of the best ways to learn new and creative ways to be successful in PR, is to take a look at what other organizations are doing that works.  I have a great example of a non-profit organization that took their small budget and created a fun campaign from something that could be considered somewhat boring- cancer research.  I think you will find this article by Talia Sinkinson very inspiring.

City of Hope (a research, treatment and education center) gives us a great example of how to turn research into sharable social media content.  City of Hope took a look at what was popular with their target audience (wm 25-45) on social media and found out that health and nutrition got a lot of attention.  They felt that this tied in beautifully with their “Super Foods” cancer research and therefore developed the “Super Foods for Super Heatlth:  Cooking Against Cancer” campaign.  Because City of Hope realized that sharing recipes is  much more interesting to their target audience than just sharing cancer research, their internet fan base grew four-fold!

Here is how Talia breaks down the “4 Secrets of Success” that City of Hope used in their campaign.

  1. Get Creative With Your Content
  2. Act Like a Selfless Friend
  3. Create Regular Content Flow
  4. Think Visually

Let me know if this inspires you or if you have any similar examples.


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