Are Press Releases Still Valuable?

Many of you may remember when press releases were one of the primary tools of the PR trade.  They were used on a regular basis and very effective at getting important information about a business to the media.  As time continues to fly well into 2013, you may be wondering “Are press releases still valuable?  Should I still be using them on a consistent basis?”  I ran across a great blog post on Hubspot that deals with that very topic.  Rachel Sprung, in her blog “When Press Releases Do (and Don’t) Help Your Marketing” breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of press releases in today’s PR world.

Rachel highlights that including photos and especially embedded video in the press release greatly increases the views.  In fact she has research from Dan Zarella that points out that engagement increases 55% with video.  That is a significant increase!  People can really experience what you are communicating by seeing and hearing it, in addition to reading about it.  Imagine, press releases with a new, creative and exciting dynamic to them.   These type of press releases could certainly be valuable.

Rachel also points out many drawbacks to press releases as well.  She suggests that they are hard to measure and their messages usually don’t reach your target audience anyway.  So how much value do press releases have?  Take a look at Rachel’s blog, then let me know what you think.  Have video embedded press releases helped you?  Do you think press release information ever reaches your consumers?  Is it possible to measure the impact press releases have?


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