Is Your Social Media Making Progress?

It has been stated over and over again in the PR world that it is difficult to track social media.  The industry is still working out the kinks on how best to create a process that tells us what executives and clients want to know in regards to ROI.  It would be very helpful if had a definitive answer to the question:  Is our social media making progress?  Well I recently read a blog that suggests a simple, yet not perfect solution to measuring social media ROI.  Mary Shaw suggests creating a spreadsheet that measures:

  1. Monthly Referral  (% increase or decrease)
  2. Monthly Follower (% increase or decrease)
  3. Influencer Status (% increase or decrease)

Take a look at her blog entitled 3 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI and let me know what you think.  Is this a helpful tool?  She suggests that tracking social media this way will help you identify which social channels are driving traffic to your website or blog and it will help you determine what content resonates with your audience.  Both of these indicators will help you determine if your social media is making progress or not.

If you have any other suggestions on how to measure social media ROI, please let me know.


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