PR Measurement: It Can Only Get Better From Here

I was reading another blog again today that points out what is wrong with PR measurement.  This is starting to sound all too familiar.  Are you getting frustrated with hearing about what is wrong in PR measurement world and not having a clear answer on how to fix it?  I have to admit… so am I.

But we don’t have anything if we don’t have hope!  The good news is, the industry is starting to pinpoint and analyze what the problems are.  Which is always a good start.  Brian McDermott of Gregory FCA Public Relations shares in his blog The Revolution Taking Place in PR Measurement what he learned at the Ragan Measurement Summit a few weeks ago.

First of all, I like how he titles his blog “The Revolution Taking Place in PR Measurement”.  Instead of seeing a list of problems with PR measurement he sees an advancement or as the dictionary defines revolution: “a sudden or momentous change in a situation”.  Because our world is changing rapidly, PR measurement is having to adapt and develop a “new normal”.  The industry is in the middle of trying to figure out what that “new normal” should look like.

Brian points out that in the PR industry we have:

  1. Some that don’t do any type of measurement at all.
  2. Some that are using outdated and inaccurate measurement (AVE & automated analysis).
  3. No clear industry leader for measurement

After reading Brian’s blog, do you think there will ever be a “new normal” for PR measurement?  Do you have hope that we can adapt as an industry and come up with an effective standard for PR measurement?  I would love to hear from you on this.


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