Commit to conquering measurement challenges

With technology and communication changing at the speed of light, it is no wonder PR pros are feeling challenged and frustrated with PR measurement.  Information and PR data is out there for the taking and it has the potential to give our clients and executives valuable insights into business decisions.  Yet many PR pros are restrained by time, manpower, money and technology – so they can’t actually leverage valuable PR insights.

What is the solution to overcoming these challenges?  I believe that:

  1. Businesses need to commit to making PR measurement a priority
  2. Businesses need to invest in PR measurement

We all know that once we decide something is a priority in our lives, we’re willing to dedicate resources to it.  Like when someone decides they are going to lose weight/get healthy, they reallocate their budget in order to afford the things that will help them reach their goals – things like new workout shoes, a gym membership and healthy foods.  Not only that, they will make exercising a priority over watching TV or going out to dinner.  It is not always easy, but the long-term benefits of strategic sacrifices outweigh the costs. And, meeting weight loss goals helps validate the decision to invest in a healthy lifestyle conversion.

The same approach is needed for PR measurement. Sure, measurement does require a time investment, manpower and money to put in place modern tools and strategies. Fully jumping in and committing to measurement is difficult, especially if not everyone in your organization agrees that PR measurement should be a priority. But, the payoff (better PR) is worth it.


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