Spring cleaning: eliminate ineffective PR activities

I admit it… I love spring cleaning!  It’s not that I enjoy cleaning, (who does?) but getting rid of all the clutter is just so rejuvenating.  Keeping only what I truly use and treasure, and reorganizing those things, makes everything in my life feel less confusing, more focused and easier to access.  It is seeing the results of spring cleaning that motivates me to get in there and do it.  And, the good thing is… I get to enjoy the benefits for months and months.

What about your PR activities?  Have any piled up on you?  Do you know if your program is producing the right results?  Now is a good time to ask these types of questions and begin the process of spring cleaning your PR.

Identify your PR clutter

To tidy up your PR program, the first thing you should do is make sure all PR activities are  linked to measureable goals.   Then, continue by leveraging data and analytics to give you a clear picture of your program’s overall effectiveness. With reliable data in hand, it should be obvious which PR activities are lacking and which are performing well.  Focus your budget on what is working and eliminate what is not.  Remember, “more” doesn’t always mean “better”.  I would much rather have a few useful, priceless tools than a whole pile of useless junk.

Can data cause clutter?

Many PR pros are confused and overwhelmed by the amount of data that is available these days, consequently they ignore it altogether.  It is true that too much data can cause clutter and inefficiency, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Focus on business goals to help you put scope around projects, cut through the data and only utilize results that are relevant.

If you have any questions about how PR measurement can help you de-clutter, feel free to contact me: kristin@wallopondemand.com. Believe me… a little organization will bring you lasting benefits.


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