Social Media Blamed for Millions of Computer Crashes Around the World

Millions of computer owners are furious!  Can you believe it?  Well… you shouldn’t… look at your calendar.  April Fools!!!

It is April Fool’s Day, so today of all days… you are on guard, ready to prove that YOU CAN’T BE FOOLED.  Hopefully you have shown alertness and readiness to spot any tricks coming your way, so you can be the one to “pull it off” rather than be the one tricked!  We all know that the person who gets to exclaim “April Fools” is the one who gets the satisfaction and joy that comes from revealing the joke.  So what does this have to do with PR? Well…

PR Pros need to Always Be on Guard

In this fast paced, constantly changing, data saturated world, we can’t afford to sit back and continue to look at PR the same way we always have.  If we don’t continue to educate ourselves and our staff on the newest technology, data trends and cutting edge measurement and analysis techniques… we could become the fools.  Don’t wait for the new information to come to you.  Seek it out, do your research, look for ways to educate your staff.  Use data to your advantage – to help make important business decisions and to strategize in today’s market.  The last two years have brought more changes to PR than ever before. With this progress comes new opportunities that are out there waiting to be discovered.  Don’t be the one stunned at the end of the day, when your competitor unveils a brilliant plan.

Ready with the Inside Scoop

On April Fool’s Day, some people are tricked, while others have the inside scoop.  The insiders all share a common bond of excitement that comes from knowing something that others don’t.  In the same way, businesses have an advantage over their competition if they are “in the know” and are data savvy.  Let your PR staff be the ones to impress and educate clients on how this new way of doing things will allow your business to “pull it off” before the competition has a chance to know what happened.  For example, recommend a company Facebook page as a way to get to know your customers and track their interests in your business.  Analyzing which tabs attract the most traffic can help get a handle on what consumers want. This will also give PR the advantage of showing their value as a department.  Keeping current takes work…but it will be worth it when the “big reveal” occurs.


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