How to Prove PR’s Value

You may be thinking”Prove PR’s Value?… We achieved a huge amount of media coverage this quarter, it is obviousthat PR is valuable to our company/client.”  If only it were that easy!  Of course we PR pros see the value of PR, that is why we are in this field.  But, it is important to switch your perspective to that of your client or top executives.  What needs to happen for them to be convinced of PR’s value?  Wallop! OnDemand released a new white paper this month (that includes responses from 150+ survey respondents) to get to the bottom of the PR value creation question.  The following is just a glimpse at what we discovered.

These are the 3 things that executives want most from PR.

  1. Results. Plain and simple.
  2. Smart PR strategy recommendations that map to business objectives.
  3. Strategic counsel and recommendations on how to continuously improve.

Measurement is the key to giving executives and clients what they want.

Measurement is the answer for all three of these deliverables.

  • In order to prove that PR has generated results, progress must be analyzed to scientifically show how PR has made a difference in the goals of the client or company.
  • In order to give smart PR strategy recommendations that map to business objectives, PR needs to have an understanding of what is working and what is not PR wise.
  • In order to give strategic counsel on how to continuously improve, data must be analyzed to give direction to the right answers.

So for a very simplistic answer on how to prove PR’s value:  The proof is in the measurement!  Now it is your job to dive into measurement data to uncover what it says in a way that speaks to clients and executives.

Download the Wallop! white paper entitled: Proving the Value of PR: Survey Findings and Solutions for PR Departments, for a more complete and detailed look into PR value creation.


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