Let’s Add In-Depth Numbers to AVE’s

Judging by some of the measurement pieces I’ve read lately, there is still a lot of focus on the AVE debate. I personally think it is time to move beyond the debate. Yes, most of us in PR know that AVE’s are just a prediction of how many people might see your message, and that they don’t allow you to truly evaluate PR’s impact. But, clients and execs still look for AVE data because it is something they understand, something familiar. So what is a PR pro to do? Why not give your clients the AVE info they want, but also provide more in-depth numbers and educate your clients on what they mean. In my experience, AVE’s lose their luster when presented side-by-side with more insightful metrics. So, let’s stop debating and start focusing our energy on educating clients about what data they should be interested in. I think taking this sort of action will produce the desired outcome (the end of AVE’s) most quickly.


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