Survey Reveals Rising Popularity of Measurement

In the past, PR measurement has been known to get a bad rap.  As I have discussed in earlier posts, many PR staffers dread doing measurement because it can be a tedious task with no immediate payoffs.  PR measurement if you will, has been considered the broccoli of PR.  It plays a very important role in the whole function of the PR body, but it is not as “fun” as other aspects of PR.  As I review the stats from Wallop’s! recent survey,  I am pleased to see that PR pros and clients are beginning to agree that PR measurement is a top priority.  Maybe there is hope for PR Measurement’s image after all.  Take a look at these findings.

·         9 out of 10 corporate PR pros admit they prefer to hire an agency that offers measurement.

·         3 in 4 agency pros say it is more difficult to win business without measurement.

·         Only 3% of clients do not have measurement on their radar.

·         8 in 10 agency professionals feel measurement is very important to their job.

With the increased awareness of PR measurement’s importance, it is essential that we make PR measurement “easier to swallow”.  One solution is to assess whether outsourcing it right for your needs. Maybe your staff should focus on other areas of PR and allow the experts to handle PR measurement. How do you decide? Check out these tips for agencies:  When Should Agencies Consider a Full Service Solution?

Another option is to make PR measurement more appealing in your organization by creating a supportive measurement culture.  When employees are educated and rewarded for using PR measurement on a daily basis it can help them to see positive results from their hard work.  This Wallop! on Demand white paper offers some great tips on how to implement this suggestion: Creating a Pro Measurement Culture:  A Blueprint for Agencies.

Thank you survey participants for helping us to see that PR measurement is our ally and is gaining popularity, as it should.  Before you know it we will be craving it on a regular basis!


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