What Do Executives Want From Their PR Departments?

One of the best ways to get better at something is to ask the people around you and those that you work for – what can I do better?  This can be a scary question because it requires us to humble ourselves and admit that there is room for improvement.  It is challenging.  But, as PR professionals, it is how we grow.  Well PR colleagues, we have made the process a little easier for you.  To help identify the basic things executives universally want from PR, we polled industry pros to find out the top two deliverables required of them.  Take a look at the three most common responses to find out if you can make improvements and better solve problems for the executives you work for.

1. Results – Plain and Simple

Whether it be increased product sales, better brand awareness, or more website traffic, executives expect measurable PR results in return for budget dollars.  Knowing this upfront will help you be prepared to deliver concrete results on paper.  Try to speak their language and answer the question “What is PR doing to drive the business forward, and how is that affecting the bottom line?”

2. Smart PR Strategy Recommendations that Map to Business Objectives

Executives have specific business goals and objectives that they need to meet.  If PR can help in achieving those goals with data supported recommendations, then everyone will be happy.  Always have measurement research to back up a strategy recommendation.  This will give executives a smart answer to the their question “Why these PR recommendations?”

3.  Strategic Counsel and Suggestions for How to Improve

This may be a surprise to you, but executives want PR to provide them with business counsel.  If PR is doing a good job of diligently measuring the company’s progress, then they ought to be able to use that data to inform business executives of possible opportunities for improvement.  As a PR staffer, don’t be afraid to give smart suggestions based on the research.

These survey responses seem to indicate that in order to fulfill the needs of executives, PR teams need to make it their mission to achieve great results and provide business leadership.  Implementing these deliverables will earn PR the reputation as an invaluable business division.  Now…aren’t you glad we asked?



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