PR Brings Value to Business Strategy

To continue our topic from Monday:  What grade would you give your PR staff in the area of providing business counsel? Does your PR team spend more time in meetings asking questions or presenting recommendations? Everyone benefits when PR actively participates in strategy and business decisions.  After all, if PR has insights and quality measurement data to work with, they have a wealth of information to bring to the table.  Here are a few tips to challenge you to broaden your organization’s perception of PR’s roles.

Take Your Seat

PR leaders, make your move to take your seat at the board room table.  Make it known that you want to be involved in strategy meetings, and then be dynamic in the boardroom and leverage measurement-driven insights to contribute to business strategy and decisions. Exhibit a strong leadership presence in the boardroom and you are guaranteed to earn greater recognition and reward for PR.

Be Prepared

Start by practicing solid PR measurement and analysis so you can be prepared with business insights supported by key metrics. Once you step into the boardroom, use those insights to create value by making data-driven recommendations, ask thought provoking questions and participate in business strategy discussions.  If you have done your homework in advance and can back up your ideas with solid research, then you will be respected as a beneficial participant.  This will also help the rest of the business divisions to see the power of PR.

Train Other PR Staffers

Teach PR staff to use a business approach when analyzing PR measurement.  Help them to correlate PR with increased revenue and meeting business goals.  If PR staffers have a business mindset from the beginning, then they won’t be afraid to contribute and engage in bringing valuable insights to the table.  Executives will soon see the relevance of PR, and appreciate having them involved in business strategy.

For a more in-depth article on this subject see my post entitled:  How to Prove PR’s Business Value in the Board Room in Bulldog Reporter’sDaily Dog.


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