Bring PR To The Strategy Planning Table

Earlier this month I wrote a post for Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog publication about PR’s valuable role in the boardroom.  I wanted to expand on this topic a bit. Typically PR’s responsibilities are thought of as more communications related – reporting the amount of media coverage, dealing with brand reputation, handling public perception after a crisis.  These aspects of PR are good, but we must take them a step further.  If PR wants to be considered a successful (and essential) business element, then we need to expand our traditional role and provide valuable business counsel.  The best way to accomplish this is to bridge the gap between PR staff and business executives by speaking their language.  PR managers should think in terms of business goals and revenue.

Think >>>Business Goals

Executives want to know how PR is going to help accomplish their business goals.  That is why it is so important that we speak in those terms.  When you use PR measurement data to support and address business concerns such as brand recognition, closing the gap with competitors and strategy development – you will be multiplying PR’s worth to the powers that be.

Think >>>Bottom Line

Executives want to know how PR affects their bottom line.  This requires us to focus and take an active interest in the financials.  Take the time to review financial reports and compare these to PR metrics.  Look for correlations between the company’s financial gains and PR strategies to demonstrate the power of PR and its effect on the company’s ability to earn revenue.  When there is a positive correlation between PR and ROI, then it’s easy to find yourself at the strategy planning table.

See my February Bulldog reporter article entitled:  How to Prove PR’s Business Value in the Boardroom for more information on this topic.


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