How to Make Smart PR Recommendations


Do you feel your PR staff is making smart PR recommendations to clients or executives? Are they making any recommendations at all?  Recommendations are an important facet of PR work.  I have found, that if you create a PR environment that encourages team members to consistently make sound strategy and business recommendations – and apply measurement results to those recommendations – you, your team and your clients will benefit.  Here are a few training tips to help you.

Use Measurement Daily

One way to increase the quality of PR recommendations is to train your team members to use measurement daily.  This will get them in the habit of relying on data to back up their PR work.  A good way to implement this is to insist that data be used every time there is a discussion about strategy.  Before long, it will become natural for them to join in value creation by making well-informed strategy suggestions.  By developing a pro-measurement mindset, you can help your staff become better trained and feel like they are making an important contribution.

Encourage Participation in Recommendations

Making PR recommendations may not come naturally to all staffers.  In this case, encourage newer PR staffers to participate and contribute value in meetings.  Something that has proven to be helpful is to teach them when speaking with clients or executives to use the phrase “My recommendation is…”.   This will give them confidence to be more pro-active at formulating recommendations and using measurement data as a springboard.  And by providing value, rather than just asking questions and looking to clients or executives for direction, it will make your entire PR team appear much more resourceful.

If you are coaching your PR team to use key measurement data to formulate strategies and recommendations, and you are encouraging participation from staffers to provide value, you are off to a great start!  Of course, it is important to mention that the quality of your measurement data must be accurate in order for your recommendations to have weight.  For a more information on quality measurement see my blog entitled: ENSURE QUALITY MEASUREMENT BY IMPLEMENTING QUALITY CONTROL .


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