How to Get Your Team Excited About Measurement

Let’s be honest, many agencies and PR departments struggle to get staff excited about measurement tasks.  We just released a new Wallop! OnDemand white paper that is sure to help your PR staff see measurement in a new light.  It is called BUILDING A PRO-MEASUREMENT CULTURE:  A BLUEPRINT FOR PR AGENCIES.

Included in this white paper are some great ideas for creating a measurement environment that helps your PR team members feel valued while achieving success and advancing their careers.  It outlines how to increase excitement and motivation for measurement work by:

  • Getting Everyone Involved: Everyone should feel they have a vital stake in measurement.
  • Recognizing and Rewarding the Researchers:

    Show that monitoring PR results and collecting data is vital and valued not trivial.

  • Providing Incentives for Critical Analysis: Implement a rewards program that requires individuals to submit data driven insights.
  • Teaching Techniques for Making Smart PR Recommendations: Get in a routine of applying measurement results to daily PR tasks.
  • Connecting Measurement Expertise to Career Advancement: Coming to the table with spot-on strategy, will earn you a reputation you can be proud of.

I realize that not everyone gets as excited about PR measurement as I do, but if you take time to read this new white paper and incorporate the recommendations… I believe you will get a taste of what is possible.  A pro-measurement culture means better PR results and greater job satisfaction.  I think that is something worth getting excited about!


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