What to Look for in a Full-Service Measurement Provider

Have you taken a good hard look at your current measurement efforts and decided that you want to be more efficient with your staff’s time and that you desire more sophisticated and quality results?  Have you decided that you could use an outside measurement provider to help in some capacity, whether small or large? Then I think you are ready to take a closer look at partnering with a full-service measurement provider.  I have made a list of what to look for as well as some questions you should use to evaluate potential providers.

PR Industry Experience and Expertise

  • Do they have past PR experience themselves?
  • Do they understand what type of data is useful?
  • Do they understand what clients and executives want?

Bottom Line >>> Measurement analysts with experience working in the PR industry, will be much more equipped to provide you with the sophisticated, relevant data you are looking for.

Advanced Analytics

  • Do they provide customized  and targeted research options?
  • Are they willing to dive deep to uncover valuable information about your program and your competitors?

Bottom Line>>>Measurement analysts that use advanced analytics, will provide you with targeted insights to help achieve your PR and business goals.

Quality Checks

  • Do they have a process for checking and double checking the relevance and accuracy of data?
  • Do they use human interaction to ensure the integrity of the coverage?

Bottom Line>>>Measurement analysts who are dedicated to providing quality checks, will provide you with the most accurate insights to help drive PR strategy.


  • Will they adapt to any changes that may occur as your PR program evolves?
  • As your measurement needs change, will they still continue to provide what you need?
  • Are they able to customize the degree of service they provide for you to meet your particular needs/budget?

Bottom Line>>>Measurement analysts that are willing and able to provide what you need as your PR program grows and changes, will give you peace of mind and stability.

Full-service measurement providers are not all the same.  Take the time to do your research and evaluate based on the points I’ve touched on above.  Once you find the right provider to design an effective measurement program for you, the results will speak for themselves.


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