When Should Agencies Consider a Full-Service Solution?

A new year seems to be the best time to take a look back and analyze the previous year.  As a business, it is a good time to ask, “Should we be doing anything differently?”  You may be wondering, “Is this a good time to consider using a full-service solution for our PR measurement?”  Well, I think the best way to accurately answer that question is to determine how well your current measurement efforts are functioning. Taking a good hard look at your current situation will tell you what you need to know.

How Well Are Current Measurement Efforts Functioning?  Are You Experiencing:

  • Data overload
  • Too little staff time for analysis and quality assurance
  • Difficulty connecting measurement results to PR strategy
  • Inadequate reporting
  • Cutting corners
  • A need to free up staff for other PR work

These are common signs that your current efforts are falling short and you are compromising quality measurement.  So if you fall into any of the above categories, it could be a much better fit to allow experienced analysts to handle measurement work and let your staff focus on their area of expertise – PR campaign work.  It takes a lot of work and experience to extract key insights from data and turn it into something useful.  This is something full-service solution analysts do every day, while taking the time to ensure accuracy to boot (if they are doing a good job).  In the end, this may even be a more cost efficient, time efficient and quality efficient way to operate.

Once you determine that you need a full-service solution, the next step is to know what to look for in a full-service measurement provider.  Check out my blog next week for specifics on how to find an excellent full-service provider.



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