How to Make PR Measurement More Sophisticated: Manage Client Expectations

Do you ever wonder if there is a way to present your clients with PR measurement that delivers the results they are looking for?  To give executives a report that is exactly what they expected and more?  Well, I believe this is possible if you put work into communicating clearly during the initial pre-planning stages.  Discussions on what measurement will include, what reports will cover and how often reports are presented will set the stage for what to expect.

What Will Be Measured?

Budget, time constraints and client goals will determine what you need to measure.  The more questions you can ask your client about these three areas, the better.  Once you have gathered as much information as you can from your client, you can make recommendations based on what you think is the best way to help them reach their goals.  For more information on defining the scope of PR measurement see my previous blog post on this specific subject.

What Type of Reports?

Deciding with your clients what your reports will include is a great way to manage their expectations.  They’ll know what they will be getting in advance and they will have a hand in making the decision on what type of reports will be most helpful for them.  Will it be a side by side comparison report with competitors?  Will the report give trends on key topics?  Clients will like the fact that their reports are custom tailored to their specific needs and goals.

How Often?

Frequency of reports is another topic that should be discussed and decided in advance of actual measurement.  What makes sense for the information that is being tracked?  If the client wants to keep close tabs on a competitor, daily or weekly reporting should be considered.  If you are tracking customer trends, a quarterly report would suffice.

Working with your client in communicating expectations and making decisions together regarding PR measurement, can really make the difference in giving your clients what they want.  By discussing everything from the start, client expectations will be curbed to only include what you have decided as a team makes sense for them.  This allows for a win-win for everybody involved.

See my blog:  Find Your Perfect PR Match: Making Client-Agency Relationships Last for more on the relationship aspect of PR.


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