Is internal or external media monitoring and PR measurement more cost-efficient?

Here’s a quick poll for all of you PR professionals:

Wallop! OnDemand is conducting an online survey, and among other things, we are asking PR professionals to weigh-in on the above question. (You’re invited to take the survey and share your thoughts.)

Early results from the Wallop! OnDemand survey show that responses are divided pretty evenly. About one-third of respondents believe costs are greater when using internal team members, one-third feel outsourcing is more expensive, and the final third say it is a wash.

Taking time to think about this question, and the costs tied to PR monitoring and measurement, is important. PR teams should know whether it costs more to have internal team members perform coverage tracking, tagging, toning, etc., or if outsourcing has a higher price tag. The answer is variable because costs are dependent upon who is responsible for tasks like coverage tracking, and how much they are paid.

If you don’t know whether internal or external media monitoring and PR measurement is more cost-efficient for your PR team,  I encourage you to take some time to crunch the numbers. It will help you make smart decisions about how to handle these PR tasks. Once you come to a conclusion, I hope you will take a few brief moments to share it by completing the Wallop! OnDemand survey. (Note: If you take our survey by November 30, 2012 you could win $200. Participants that complete the survey by November 30 will be entered into a giveaway for a $200 Visa gift card. Take the survey here, and good luck!)


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