PR pros say data-driven strategy is essential to building lasting client-agency partnerships

As a follow-up to last week’s post, “Why do client-agency relationships fail?” here is a look at how – according to PR professionals – measurement can be used to improve client-agency partnerships…

Wallop! OnDemand asked 150 PR pros (a mix of corporate and agency practitioners) to answer the question, “How can agencies use measurement to help make agency-client relationships more successful?” Responses showed:

  • 40% suggested agencies provide strategy recommendations based on measurement and analysis
  • 21.5% said agencies should use measurement charts, data and results to make PR achievements clear
  • 17% said agencies need to deliver regular reports to create more transparency about PR’s progress
  • 13% felt agencies should use measurement insights to develop a more efficient/budget friendly PR program
  • 5.5% said agencies should leverage competitor measurement data to help their clients be more competitive

These are all good examples of how measurement can be used to improve PR results and, therefore, business relationships. It is not surprising that the number one response to this question relates to PR strategy. After all, clients expect strategic counsel as part of their PR services. Plus, agencies need laser focused strategies in order to ensure programs are efficient and effective. However, it is interesting to note that only one-third of industry professionals say their team uses measurement data to develop and adjust PR strategy. Clearly, agencies and clients recognize that data-driven PR strategy is important. But, it appears more agency teams need to follow their own recommendations, and actually use measurement, if they want to have stronger client-agency partnerships. And, clients need to make sure measurement is a factor when deciding which agency to hire.

Is your PR team using measurement to develop/improve PR strategy? Has that impacted your client-agency relationship? Let us know.


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