Follow through with PR evaluation

We have made it to the fourth and final step in our plan for using measurement to beat competitors  – and it is the evaluation step:

Step 1: Monitor and compare coverage – be sure PR is in alignment with competitive business goals

Step 2: Analyze results and identify opportunities to outdo competitors

Step 3: Make intelligent PR recommendations and implement strategic action

Step 4: Evaluate on an ongoing basis

As you make changes and adjustments to your PR strategy you need to continue monitoring and evaluating your progress on an ongoing basis. This will help you recognize where you are leading competitors, closing the gap, and so on. Plus, it will help you determine which PR initiatives are working, and which ones still need attention. As new players enter the market you will want to monitor their impact on you and your competitors. And, of course, you should continue to track industry leaders and learn from their success. This is an unending process that will help you adapt to changes, grow and continually improve your PR program.

It may seem obvious that evaluation is a necessary part of forward movement. But the truth is that a lot of PR teams make it through the first three steps and then drop the ball when it come to following through with long-term regular assessment. Sometimes this is because there aren’t enough resources available – in which case outsourcing portions of measurement may be helpful. Other times PR teams assume that if they have done one round of measurement and analysis, and they have made adjustments, then no further action is required. But, new challenges and opportunities arise all the time and you may miss chances to respond if you aren’t evaluating PR results on an ongoing basis. That’s why we should remind ourselves to conduct routine performance checks.

If you aren’t currently measuring PR, or you are only capturing information about your own program, you are missing out on valuable insights and opportunities to strengthen your program and get ahead. For more info on how to use competitive data to your advantage download a copy of the free guide: Using Measurement to Beat Competitors: A How-To Guide

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