Use competitive data to make smart PR decisions

Keeping with the theme we’ve been exploring in recent posts, here’s a look at the third step in our plan for using measurement to beat competitors:

Step 1: Monitor and compare coverage – be sure PR is in alignment with competitive business goals

Step 2: Analyze results and identify opportunities to outdo competitors

Step 3: Make intelligent PR recommendations and implement strategic action

Step 4: Evaluate on an ongoing basis

Once you’ve gathered coverage data for your brand and your competitors, and you have analyzed it to gain an understanding of how PR (and the overall business) is performing, you can put what you have learned to good use. How? By making data-driven PR recommendations and jumping on opportunities to get ahead of your competitors. Here’s an example of how to do this using a common PR scenario:

After comparing recent media coverage for your brand and its competitors you realize that your competitors are earning more coverage (with meatier executive quotes) than you. Closer analysis reveals that journalists tend to paraphrase your executives and quote just a few words from them. You conclude that executives aren’t speaking in a way that is quotable, and you identify this as an opportunity  for improvement.

Your PR team decides to recommend media training sessions for the executive team, and you begin working with them prior to media interviews. This helps them become better storytellers, and before long they are driving the discussion, earning better quotes and influencing articles.

The whole point of measurement is to learn how to do better PR. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out when and where PR adjustments are needed. But, it does take a little monitoring and data analysis to determine what actions are needed to edge out competitors. By leveraging measurement results your PR team can make informed decisions and take steps to help you get ahead.


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