Give PR clients a competitive edge with measurement

Competitive businessHow do we beat our competitors? This is the question most clients and executives are looking to answer – and they expect your help. When C-suite decision-makers evaluate business strategy and opportunities, they rely on PR for recommendations and insights that will help put them ahead of their competition.  Clients and execs know that in order to make smart business decisions they need reliable data that explains the relationship between them and their competitors, highlights industry trends, and identifies weaknesses and opportunities. Thorough PR measurement and analysis is the best way to provide valuable competitive info to your clients so they can get ahead – and stay ahead – of their rivals.

I suggest following these four steps for using measurement to beat out competitors:

Step 1: Monitor and compare coverage – be sure PR is in alignment with competitive business goals

Step 2: Analyze results and identify opportunities to outdo competitors

Step 3: Make intelligent PR recommendations and implement strategic action

Step 4: Evaluate on an ongoing basis

To expand on Step 1, your PR team should make it a priority to collect coverage data for your client and competitors. The effectiveness of your PR strategy is impacted by the strategies of competitors, so it is important to keep up-to-date on competitive developments in the news. Grab information that identifies what publications competitors are getting coverage in, what messages they’re sending, who is being quoted, and so forth. You’ll need this intelligence to make side-by-side comparisons and see whether your client is an industry news-maker or a follower.

As you monitor coverage for your company and its competitors, be sure to always have one eye on the business goals. You don’t need to know every single thing about each competitor. Trying to capture that much data is too cumbersome, and doing so would give you a mountain of information to sort through just to find a few relevant nuggets. Instead, let business goals guide your data search. Is the company hoping to grow market share, steal customers from the industry leader, become #1 in thought leadership? Staying focused on the competitive business goals will enable you to capture the most important data so your analysis and PR recommendations will be just what the executive team needs.

For a closer look at Step 2 and more on how to use measurement to gain a competitive edge, check back soon. We’ll explore these topics further in our next blog post.


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