PR survey + win a brand new iPhone

We have a winner! Recently we announced that Jennifer Brough, Public Relations Strategist at The Anderson Group, was chosen as the winner of Wallop! OnDemand’s 2nd iPad giveaway. By participating in our media monitoring and measurement survey, Jennifer won a brand new shiny iPad. Congrats Jennifer and we hope you are enjoying your prize. Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

If you would like to join Jennifer (and previous iPad winner Inga Starrett) in the winner’s circle, head over here and complete our new PR Measurement Expectations Survey. This is the second year in a row we are conducting this survey and we would love for you to participate. To show our appreciation, and as an incentive to complete the brief survey, we will be awarding one lucky survey participant with a highly anticipated new Apple iPhone. You need to complete the survey by October 28, 2011 to be eligible to win the iPhone, so don’t wait to take the survey.

Thank you in advance for your taking the new PR Measurement Expectations Survey and for sharing your valuable time and insights. We will release the survey results and announce the winner of the iPhone at the conclusion of the survey.


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