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    Kristin Jones serves as Founder and CEO of Wallop! OnDemand, and she is known throughout the PR community for her dedication to improving PR measurement and analytics. She developed the Wallop! measurement, monitoring and analytics solutions to provide PR leaders with the tools they need to succeed in today's market. Kristin is also the owner and founder of Jones PR (www.jonespr.net), an agency best known for obtaining high-profile media coverage for its clients. Prior to founding Jones PR, Kristin spent several years working with two of the world's largest PR firms – Porter Novelli and Weber Shandwick – and has worked with a number of boutique PR agencies in Silicon Valley. Outside of work Kristin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, reading, playing board games and exercising. She's a wine enthusiast, is fascinated by paleontology, and she loves a good crime-drama flick.
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A perfect reason to spend less time in meetings

Wouldn’t we all love to spend less time in meetings? Well, if you’re looking for an excuse to get you out of your next meeting consider this: spending less time in meetings can free up time for PR measurement.

A common complaint by PR teams is that there just isn’t enough manpower to handle measurement. Surveyed PR professionals that were not measuring PR listed “not having the people or financial resources available to track and analyze coverage” as the number one reason for not leveraging measurement. Clearly, finding a way to make time for measurement is challenging.

So here is an interesting point – according to results from Wallop! OnDemand’s survey on media monitoring and measurement, PR teams are devoting a surprising amount of time and manpower to meetings. The majority of PR professionals say they meet regularly with their internal team, the executive team, or both. While this seems reasonable, PR professionals admitted that those meetings actually eat up a surprising amount of time – time that could be used for measurement.

According to responses from more than 250 PR professionals, team meetings are an area where many PR teams waste time unintentionally. Consider these statistics reported by survey participants:

  • Seventy percent (70%) of PR team meetings last an hour or more
  • On average, nearly half (48%) of team meetings involve 4 or more PR team members
  • 52% of agencies and 41% of corporate teams have at least 4-5 internal team meetings per month
  • Additionally, 44% of agencies meet at least 4-5 times per month with each individual client, and 27% of corporate teams meet with executives at least 4-5 times each month

To make room for measurement you need to take a look at the time you spend in meetings and determine if that time could be put to better use. While it may sound like an obvious solution, this easy change is something that is often overlooked. If you find that your team is meeting unnecessarily, make it a goal to decrease the amount of time you and others spend in meetings. You can do this by meeting less frequently, shortening the length of meetings, or involving fewer people in each meeting.

An adjustment such as including two fewer team members in your weekly hour-long team meetings can create eight to ten hours each month that can be redirected toward measurement. For most teams, making this sort of a change is extremely worthwhile – especially since an additional eight to ten hours of time for measurement monthly can help teams gain an understanding of what is working (and what is not), where adjustments are needed, how to improve the overall strategy and produce better PR and business results. 

If you truly feel measurement is a priority, then don’t allow it to be an area of compromise. Instead, evaluate where your time and resources are being spent and determine where adjustments can be made that will free up time within your program. Team meetings are just one example. For more ideas, agencies and corporate PR teams can download a free copy of the report 10 Ways to Make Room for PR Measurement.

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