Moving forward with measurement

If you’ve read this blog before then you may know that one of the reasons I’m so passionate about PR measurement is because I believe it is the best way to prove PR’s value and business impact. News from last week’s European Summit on Measurement shows some of the key areas of PR measurement the industry has identified as priorities for the future. I’m excited to see that such a high importance has been placed on these particular areas: measuring the ROI of PR, adopting global standards for social media measurement, making measurement standard for PR programs, and educating clients on measurement. Putting an emphasis on these areas will undoubtedly help propel measurement to become more widely adopted. And that will lead to better PR and more satisfied clients.

Clients expect PR teams to: 

  • Show whether or not they are beating their competitors on the PR front
  • Advise executives as to whether or not their key messages are getting through
  • Identify which stakeholders – investors, prospects, customers, partners – are being reached through PR
  • Explain how PR is driving sales and moving the needle

Measuring the ROI of PR is essential to helping clients and executives understand what they are getting for their PR spend and why investing money in PR is worthwhile. Measurement data provides clear evidence of the business results PR is responsible for achieving. Because of this, measurement helps improve PR’s overall credibility and leads to better client-agency relationships. I find it encouraging that the delegates that voted at the European Summit on Measurement agreed to work toward making PR measurement an “intrinsic part of the PR toolkit.”

Speaking of voting, don’t forget that the Media Monitoring and Measurement Survey will be closing in a few days – it is open through Monday, June 20th. If you haven’t participated yet and shared your thoughts with us, please take just a moment and do so now. The survey is short and we’ll even enter your name into our drawing for a free iPad once you complete it. Thanks in advance!


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