Referrals, case studies and resumes – 3 perks of measurement

You probably know that measuring PR helps you to understand your progress, allows you to make improvements and adjustments to campaigns, and ultimately enables you to produce the best possible results. But, just in case that’s not reason enough to get started with measurement, here are three “bonuses” you can take advantage of by incorporating measurement into your PR:

  • Referrals
  • Killer case studies
  • A padded resume

One way that agency professionals, in particular, can benefit from measurement is in the form of referrals. When you measure PR you can achieve better results for clients – plain and simple. Plus, with the data you collect by measuring your programs you’ll actually be able to prove to clients, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your PR initiatives have directly impacted business outcomes. So, how does this earn you referrals? Well, when you consistently demonstrate to clients that you’re able to produce PR results, meet and exceed business goals, beat competitors, and move the needle for their company, you earn credibility and respect. And, that is just the reputation you want to have when you are in an industry full of people who communicate with each other for a living. Let’s face it, if you can use measurement to produce outstanding results and wow clients, there’s a good chance they’ll spread the word. Then you’ll end up cashing in on business from referrals.

Case studies also attract attention to PR programs, and they are a great place to highlight PR successes. If you’ve faithfully invested time and effort into collecting measurement data, then you likely have all the information you need to create a killer case study. Remember that in order to build a convincing case study you need to include specific examples of PR’s success, and then support those examples with metrics and analytics.

Also, there’s no doubt that as a PR professional it is gratifying to earn recognition for campaigns you’ve worked on. And, that recognition can benefit you personally and professionally. Having a portfolio that includes samples from successful PR campaigns you have been a part of is useful for professional advancement. Showing that you have measurement experience and know-how will come in handy when it is time to change positions, apply for a promotion or make another type of career move. It could also earn you recognition in the form of awards – which, of course, always look nice in a bio or on a resume.

So, remember, not only does measurement help you get the most out of your campaigns, it also increases your credibility as an individual, helps you go farther in your career, wins you more clients, and allows you to contribute to improving the overall credibility of the PR industry.


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