When it comes to measurement, where do you fit in?

As part of Wallop! OnDemand’s research survey on PR and measurement, we recently asked PR professionals to rate their ability to answer several questions relating to the performance of their PR programs. Some of what we learned was surprising. Here’s an example:

60% of PR professionals can’t answer this question…Are we beating our competitors on the PR front?

Evaluating the performance of your PR program and making side-by-side comparisons with your competitors helps you understand whether your strategy and PR activities are on target and successful. Tracking progress also allows you to validate PR’s business impact and earn respect from clients and executives. However, many PR professionals admit that they don’t have the data and processes in place to answer important performance questions with certainty.

So, where do you fit in? Are you leveraging PR measurement to help you understand and improve your program? Do you know which of your PR activities have delivered the best results? Are you staying competitive or falling behind?

We want to hear from you. There is one week left to take our PR and measurement survey. We’ve already received responses from an overwhelming number of professionals who are passionate about the business of PR, and we’re looking forward to sharing the full results in the coming months.

But, before we conclude our survey we’d appreciate it if you’d take just a few brief moments to share your thoughts. By weighing in, you are helping the PR community drive measurement to evolve into an essential tool that clearly demonstrates the value of PR. To thank you for your time and input, upon your completion of the survey we’ll enter your name into our drawing for a free Apple iPad.

The survey wraps on January 31st, so take the survey now. Then stay tuned for the results that we will be releasing in a series of reports over the next few months.



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