Calculating losses incurred when not measuring PR

In a recent post on this blog, I discussed some of the problems PR agencies face when they are not measuring their PR programs. In the post, which you can read here, I included a link to Wallop! OnDemand’s Cost of No PR Measurement Calculator. The calculator is an eye-opening tool that gives agencies a look at the estimated dollar amount they stand to lose over a two-year period if they don’t subscribe to PR measurement.

Yesterday, Wallop! OnDemand released an updated version of the calculator. It now includes a “corporate” function to let corporate PR departments in on the action. The new calculator enables corporate PR departments to calculate the impact measurement has on the bottom line.

For you corporate PR professionals out there, that means there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can use the calculator to get a feel for what your department might be missing out on if you aren’t measuring your PR. The bad news is that the results might be scary. And, here’s why: failing to integrate measurement into your programs means:

            •  Missing opportunities to improve/adjust your campaigns

            •  Losing support from the C-Suite

            •  Budget cuts and/or failing to grow your budget

Let’s take a look at a few numbers. On average, according to Wallop! OnDemand’s Cost of No PR Measurement Calculator, companies without measurement are likely to see the following PR related losses: 

•$7,200 lost annually for emerging startups and small businesses

•$36,000 lost annually for established startups

•$120,000 lost annually for mid-sized companies

•$240,000 lost annually for large publicly established companies

That’s a lot of lost revenue. I hope if you aren’t currently measuring your PR, these numbers will make you rethink that decision. Of course, these numbers are just examples – if you want to see for yourself how much money your PR department stands to lose without measurement try out the calculator. Then let us know your results.

Also, here’s a tip for the agency PR pros out there who have difficult clients that can’t seem to understand why measurement is important – you can use the corporate calculator function to show your clients what they stand to lose when measurement isn’t built into campaigns.


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