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    Kristin Jones serves as Founder and CEO of Wallop! OnDemand, and she is known throughout the PR community for her dedication to improving PR measurement and analytics. She developed the Wallop! measurement, monitoring and analytics solutions to provide PR leaders with the tools they need to succeed in today's market. Kristin is also the owner and founder of Jones PR (www.jonespr.net), an agency best known for obtaining high-profile media coverage for its clients. Prior to founding Jones PR, Kristin spent several years working with two of the world's largest PR firms – Porter Novelli and Weber Shandwick – and has worked with a number of boutique PR agencies in Silicon Valley. Outside of work Kristin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, reading, playing board games and exercising. She's a wine enthusiast, is fascinated by paleontology, and she loves a good crime-drama flick.
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Agencies: No PR Measurement? It will cost you.

If you’ve ever felt like you might be missing something by not measuring your PR programs, it’s because you are – you’re missing out on money. And lots of it. Every year PR agencies lose a surprising amount of revenue because they don’t have a system in place to measure and analyze their PR efforts.

Think about your own PR agency for a second and consider this: failing to measure your PR programs could mean that your agency will lose current clients to other agencies, lose out on new business bids, see clients cut their budgets, and fail to grow the budgets of your existing clients. All of those things mean money down the drain and they add up quickly.

 Let’s look at each of these scenarios a little more closely.

Losing clients to other agencies – Long gone are the days when PR professionals could say a program was successful. In today’s business environment they have to prove it. Your clients expect you to show them exactly how PR is responsible for moving the needle. This means you need to have hard evidence to demonstrate what you’re delivering to your clients. Without reports, charts, and proven data, your clients may not fully see the value of PR and how it has driven business results. Clients want to know they’re getting a return on their PR investment. If you can’t show them convincing data, they’re likely to find another agency that can.    

Losing out on new business bids – PR measurement isn’t just a nice thing to have, it’s a must-have if you want to win new business. Clients and their executives can be skeptical about PR’s ability to produce business results. They’re more likely to put their confidence in a firm that is willing and able to provide detailed progress reports that demonstrate PR’s achievements. If you can’t assure prospective clients that your campaign and strategy will be driven by measurement data, then you’re likely to lose out on their business.

Experiencing budget cuts by existing clients – Never mind if your program is producing great results, if clients aren’t seeing data that clearly demonstrates ROI they’re going to lose faith in PR. And, that means devoting less money to PR and directing their resources elsewhere. If you’re doing good PR, give clients data to prove it. They won’t be able to argue with results that demonstrate success, nor will they want to.

Failing to grow budgets – To be honest, sometimes even with measurement data it’s difficult to get clients to commit more money to PR. So, you can imagine how tough it is to convince them to do so when they don’t have a good feel for what PR has done for their business. Also, if you don’t have a measurement system in place to analyze your campaigns, it will be hard for you to identify ways to improve your programs and produce more results for companies. Clients aren’t likely to part with more money unless they are sure they’ll see more and better results.

If you’re brave enough to find out exactly how much your agency might be losing by not measuring your PR programs then you need to take a look at Wallop! OnDemand’s “Cost of No PR Measurement Calculator.” Based on your answer to one simple question it provides you an estimated dollar amount your agency stands to lose over a two year period without PR measurement. But, I’m going to warn you, the results won’t be pretty.

You can also learn more about the challenges agencies and corporate PR departments face when they’re not measuring PR by attending the upcoming Measurement Minute webinar: The Cost of No PR Measurement. The program will include some real eye-openers for both corporate and agency PR professionals. You can see the details and register for the webinar here.


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