3 reasons you should take our PR & measurement survey – hint: we’re giving away a free iPad

I want to take a second today to plug our survey:

Wallop! OnDemand is conducting a research survey on PR and measurement and we’re inviting professionals from the PR industry to participate. Yes, that means you! In connection with the survey, we are giving away – you guessed it – a brand new shiny iPad.

The survey, aims to uncover trends pertaining to PR budgets and measurement practices, as well as gather insights regarding the PR industry’s outlook for 2011. Please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey (less than 20 questions) and share your insight with other professionals in the industry.

 As promised, for anyone out there that only takes surveys after being given three compelling reasons why they should… here you go:

  1. You could win a free iPad. Okay, I know I already mentioned that, but come on, it’s a free iPad. I figured it was worth repeating that one lucky person who completes the survey is going to win an iPad.
  2.  You’re really smart. We know that the industry could benefit from your insight. So, please share your thoughts on current measurement trends and tell us about your expectations for 2011.
  3. It’s for the good of the PR community. We’ll be releasing the results at the end of the survey, so that collectively we can learn how to improve PR measurement.

You have to complete the survey by January 31, 2011 to be eligible to win the iPad, so fill out the survey now. And, thanks in advance for your participation.

At the conclusion of the survey we’ll be releasing the results in a series of reports, so check back soon to read about our findings.


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