Goodbye expensive PR measurement, hello Wallop!

Today is a big day for Wallop! OnDemand. I’m excited to announce that we’re officially launching Wallop!, our on-demand PR measurement and analytics solution. For those of you that are interested in all the details of the launch, here’s the press release.

To me this launch feels like it has been a long time coming. I don’t remember exactly when the idea for Wallop! was born, but I can tell you that I’ve always felt there needed to be a way for more people to measure their communications programs. Measurement is such an integral part of executing successful PR, and it is vital to helping the PR community demonstrate the business value of public relations.

But, of course, there has always been one major barrier that’s kept people from implementing measurement – price. PR measurement has traditionally been so expensive that it just wasn’t accessible to most businesses and agencies. That’s one of the main reasons why we created Wallop! We wanted to make PR measurement available to everyone.

I have to think that every PR professional wants to measure their programs, and that given the chance to improve PR results by using an affordable measurement solution, they’d jump at the opportunity. After all, there are tremendous benefits associated with measurement. Measurement helps shape PR strategy. It allows you to recognize areas of strength or weakness, and it identifies opportunities. Without measurement it’s tough to know what’s working in order to make improvements and adjustments. Measurement lets you demonstrate your program’s performance to executives, and it helps highlight the value of PR.

As I said before, today is a big day for all of us at Wallop! OnDemand. Here’s what I truly hope for as we launch Wallop!:

–          That Wallop! makes it possible for more people to begin measuring PR results

–          That Wallop! provides measurement newbies and vets insights that lead to program improvements and even better PR

–          That through measurement, Wallop! strengthens PR’s reputation as a driving force behind business

For anyone out there that a) has never tried implementing measurement before, b) wants to measure PR but thinks they can’t afford to, or c) isn’t happy with their current way of measuring communications, I invite you to join us on our measurement revolution. At the very least, swing by our website ( and take a look at Wallop!, then let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


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